LeaderShift: You’re the Spark for Positive Change in Your Team

Does your culture intentionally attract and retain employees? Or does it repel them faster than a swarm of mosquitos hitting your backyard BBQ? As the Great Resignation continues, 44% of the workforce is currently looking for another job. Over the last year, about 4 million people quit their jobs every single month, and 60% of them didn’t have another job lined up. People are burned out, disengaged and checking out. Your company may be at risk for mass exodus, too, if it hasn’t already experienced it.

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The roofing industry hasn’t been immune from this phenomenon. Contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and consultants are experiencing these issues on top of an existing shortage of qualified employees. Now, more than ever, it's critical we focus on retaining these employees we’ve worked so hard to recruit. While you can’t control all the uncertainty and change happening in the world, there is one thing you CAN control: How you show up as a leader. Regardless of your title, you play an important role in your company culture.

Many leaders we talk to find it challenging to empower and inspire their teams right now. That's why we presented a session at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) in Dallas, Texas in March. We shared how leaders of all kinds can make positive shifts in their mindset, energy, presence, and communication to vastly improve their effectiveness, team culture, employee engagement, and retention (all while feeling more fully charged in their days). Our session is founded on 4 pillars of positive leadership, which follow below. 

Positive Leaders Show the Way

They don't just say the way - they show the way, by role modeling the behavior and energy they wish to see in others, through good times and challenging times; they know someone is always watching and learning from them.

Positive Leaders are Intentional

They decide how they want to show up and take ownership for their state; they summon and project positive energy, not allowing low-level energy to keep them in a negative state for too long or to bring others down.

empowerPositive Leaders Empower Others

They allow for mistakes and learning to grow; they provide support, celebration and gratitude; they allow people to live authentically, find their own answers and generate their own ideas for solving problems.

Positive Leaders Light Fires

They look for the potential in people and bring it out; they cultivate an environment where people can thrive, feel vibrant and pursue something meaningful; they fan the flame of passion in others.

Leadershift Quote-1We shared these concepts in an interactive, engaging and fun format. We had people moving and talking, and gave participants real, tangible tools to start making their own small shifts in leadership -- as soon as they stepped onto the trade show floor after our session.

Leaders confirmed with us after the session that they felt more excited and hopeful about sparking positive change in their teams.


Interested in booking this presentation for your company?

Christine and Michelle will share how to speed up your team’s culture shift so your employees can hop off auto-pilot and build more joy back into their workdays. You’ll get tangible tools to help you shift your mindset and habits, which in turn will shift you and your team’s energy, focus and impact. The world-renowned, science-backed tools you’ll learn are used by the world’s highest-performing people, including U.S. Presidents, Fortune 50 CEOs and high-impact celebrities like Oprah and her team. 

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