How to Make the Most of Your New Marketing Manager's First 90 Days

on January 9, 2023

The first 90 days of a new marketing manager’s tenure is important for the manager and their team. It’s a period of transition, where the new manager must learn about their team and the organization’s culture, while also getting to know their role and responsibilities. Setting up your new marketing manager for success during this time will make them feel more comfortable and ensure that they can hit the ground running and immediately impact your organization. Here are some tips on how to maximize your new marketing manager's first 90 days.

Budget planning computer spreadsheet

Give Them A Budget

Your marketing manager needs to understand what budget they have at their disposal to accurately p

lan out strategies for success. It’s important to give them a realistic view of what it will cost to achieve their goals, as well as any restrictions that may be placed upon them when it comes to spending money. This will help them develop plans that are within budgetary constraints, while still achieving desired results.

Let Them Write A Plan

It’s important that you give your new marketing manager space and time to write out an actionable plan of how they plan on reaching their objectives over the course of the next ninety days. While you might have some input or ideas regarding what should be included in this plan, it is essential that your new hire feels ownership over it - after all, they will be executing it! Having a written document outlining goals and objectives will help ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same end goal.

Goals and planningAdvise Them To Set Goals

Goal setting is a crucial part of any successful business venture, so encouraging your marketing manager to set goals from day one is key. Make sure they understand what priorities need to be met first - whether those are customer acquisition goals or revenue targets - but leave room for them to come up with creative ways to achieve those goals. This will give them confidence in their abilities from the start and show trust in their decisions which ultimately leads to greater success down the line.


Communicate Any Cultural Untouchables

It can be difficult for someone coming into an organization without previous knowledge of its culture and systems. That’s why it’s important that you tell your new marketing manager about any cultural untouchables right away - things like logos, videos, or messaging styles which should remain consistent throughout all campaigns and initiatives moving forward. Giving them this information upfront helps save time later on when they are tasked with creating content or campaigns that reflect these standards.

Encourage Them To Spend Time With Other Teams

Planning meeting_leaders

Finally, urge your new hire to spend lots of time with other teams within the company such as product management or sales teams in order to gain a better understanding of how everything works together toward achieving success within your organization. This could include anything from attending customer visits or meetings with other departments - activities that can provide invaluable insights into 

how things work at your company from another perspective and allow them to get up-to-speed quickly on how best to serve customers’ needs now and into future initiatives.



By following these tips during your new marketing manager's first 90 days at work, you can set yourself up for long-term success by empowering them with enough knowledge so they can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact on day 1!

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